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Social Media Policy

1. Purpose of social media use

We, Koike Imatecs USA, Inc. are aiming to use social media as a communication tool to reach our stakeholders, which will assist us in further growth along gaining a name as socially trusted company. We are using the social media in the purpose described in the following.

  1. Spread information about products and service offered by KIUSA Asia Laminates Holding Co., Ltd. to the public.
  2. Communicate with our customer in sense of opinions and feedbacks, utilizing them to improve the quality of service and products.
  3. Increase the brand value as a socially trusted company.

2. About the use of social media

We recognize social media as a place to communicate, which are based on connection between persons. We understand that all posted information is opened to public, none of the posted information could not be undone fully. We are determined to use social media as a sensible corporate citizen.

  1. We strive to accomplish complete legal compliance according to both domestic and country law, and company regulation (E.g.: Rules of employment).
  2. We give proper attention to any information transmitted from our party, avoiding any false information or misunderstandings to occur. In any case of such, we shall correct the matter as soon as possible.
  3. We act in consideration in order to prevent ourselves from any acts of defaming or harming third party rights (E.g.: Intellectual property rights and rights of privacy).

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