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Sample Test Reference Data

AICA has performed sample tests and provide the following information for reference purposes only.  AICA does not warrant that products as delivered confirm to the test data provided below or to any samples or other sample test data that may be provided.

Altyno Environmental Resistance Sample Tests

Test Name Test Method Test Results
Dimensional Stability Cross-Shape Cut Opening on Altyno Sample on 100mm(3.9in) Square Aluminum Board, after keeping at 65℃ (149 ℉) for 48 hours. ≦0.3mm(0.012in)
Abrasion Resistance End Point on Altyno Sample by Taber Abrasion Test CS-17 with 1kg(2.2 Lb) Weight ≧5,000 Rotations
Heat Resistance Adhesion Strength Observed on Altyno Sample on Aluminum Board, after keeping at 65℃ (149 ℉) for 28 days. No Abnormality
Moisture Resistance Adhesion Strength Observed on Altyno Sample on Aluminum Board, after keeping at 65℃ (149 ℉) for 28 days. No Abnormality
Sunlight Resistance Observation on Altyno Sample after 250 hours by Sunshine Weather-Meter. No Significant Change
Environmental Temperature Peeling and Discoloration Observation on Altyno Sample on Aluminum Board, after keeping total of 24 days, first at -20℃ (-4 ℉) for 12 days then at 65℃ (149 ℉) for 12 days. No Peeling and No Discoloration Observed
Low Temperature Impact Resistance Cracking Observation on Altyno Sample on Aluminum Board, by Ball Drop Impact Test (40mm(1.57in) dia. 325g(0.72Lb) Steel ball, 100cm(39.4in) drop) after keeping at 0℃ (32 ℉) for 24 hours. No Cracking Observed


Adhesion Strength Measured on Various Sample Substrates

Measured Peeling Force at 300mm(11.8in)/min Peeling Speed in 80 Degree Direction on 25mm(0.98in) Wide Altyno Sample Installed on each Substrate Test Specimen without Primer.

Substrate Sample Tested Peeling Force Measured Note and Caution
Plywood 5 (N/25mm), 1.1 (Lb.f/0.98in) Not Recommended
Plaster Board N/A (Substrate Broke) Not Recommended
Calcium Silicate Board 5 (N/25mm), 1.1 (Lb.f/0.98in) Not Recommended
Stainless Steel 36 (N/25mm), 8.1 (Lb.f/0.98in) Good
Aluminum 26 (N/25mm), 5.9 (Lb.f/0.98in) Good
Zinc Plated Steel 28 (N/25mm), 6.3 (Lb.f/0.98in) Conduct Test for Reaction Degassing
PVC Coated Steel 41 (N/25mm), 9.2 (Lb.f/0.98in) Good
Acrylic Board 33 (N/25mm), 7.4 (Lb.f/0.98in) Good


Chemical Resistant and Solvent Resistance Tests

Observed Altyno sample surface after keeping for 24 hours upon water rinsing after 6 hours of contact with one drop of test chemical (or solvent) under a watch glass cover.

Chemical (or Solvent) Tested Surface Observation Results
Ethanol No Change Observed
n-Hexane No Change Observed
Toluene Gloss Change Observed
Ethyl Acetate Substantial Surface Change Observed
MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) Substantial Surface Change Observed
Ammonia Water No Change Observed
10% Hydrochloric Acid No Change Observed
10% Sodium Hydroxide No Change Observed
Acetone Gloss Change Observed
Benzene No Change Observed


Contamination Resistance (Cleaning) Test

Check Altyno test sample if test contaminants kept on Altyno test sample surface for 24 hours can be cleaned/removed by wiping with neutral detergent or Ethanol.

Contaminant Tested Wiped with Neutral Detergent Wiped with Ethanol
Black Tea Cleaned Cleaned
Coffee Cleaned Cleaned
Iodine Alcohol Solution Stain Remained Stain Remained
Vinegar Cleaned Cleaned
Citric Acid Cleaned Cleaned
Wax Crayon Stain Remained Cleaned
Black Shoe Polish Stain Remained Stain Remained
Fountain Pen Ink Cleaned Cleaned
Soy Sauce Cleaned Cleaned
Black Permanent Marker Stain Remained Stain Remained
Hair Dye Cleaned Cleaned


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