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Impact Matte Series


What is the surface technology

It is a dry and matte design and a texture accomplished by a special resin coating and surface finish.

Did they use design ideas from their production of HPL

Yes, we chose the most popular designs among our HPL products and adopted them for the new Altyno patterns.

Is the cleanability and scratch resistance the same or better than VG patterns

It varies among the patterns, but generally clean-ability and scratch resistance level of Impact Matte series is the same as the VG series. However, some substances can stick more on the Impact Matte series due to deeper embosses in that product. Please compare the VG series and the Impact Matte series by touching their surfaces.

Any precautions on installing this group that is different than the VG and VW groupings

Due to the special coating of the Impact Matte series, there is a chance of discoloration (whitening) when stretched too much or installed on three dimensional surfaces. Sanding and primer is required in case of layered installation on Altyno patterns.

Key benefits that make it different from 3M’s Dry Wood

There is not much difference in terms of performance or functions. The greatest difference between Altyno and other competitive products is the availability of same patterns in HPL products (in Japan).

Other info of the benefits

Matte texture of the Impact Matte patterns gives a sophisticated finish to surfaces. Also, the pattern\’s clarity is superior to VG and VW patterns. Impact Matte patterns looks even more real due to these features which are called \”Dry Matte\” in architectural or interior design fields. These types of products are especially popular in European and South East Asian countries.

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